Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Mom's Garden

My mom has a garden . The garden is almost all green ,I like eating sweet peas.But the radishes are yuck we already picked all those. I am waiting for the corn ,(on the cob) . But that isn't all we have Caribbean hot peppers and two others I don't know how to spell , dill, tomatoes, zucchini,cucumbers and a bunch of others.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things about India


South of Pakistan, China, and Nepal

Main Languages
Hundreds of languages are spoken in India. Hindi is a main language.

India became an independent country in 1947. Britain ruled India before that time. Most Indians believe everyone in India should be free to practice their religious beliefs. However, in recent years, extreme Hindus have become more powerful. They would like India to be more influenced by Hindu ways and beliefs.

Mostly Hindu

Christians in many places in India are mistreated because of their faith in Christ. The persecutors know they are less likely to get punished in areas where radical Hindus are in power. Hindus accuse Christians who help the poor and needy of trying to “bribe” or “force” people to become Christians. They also attack pastors who have led Hindus to Christ. In some states of India, Hindus are trying to get the government to pass laws that will make it harder for Christians to help people.

this is a thing that I found on kids of courage about India

Monday, January 25, 2010

Big Faith Brave Heart

Big Faith and a Brave Heart Print E-mail

(The following true testimony tells the story of Trinh, a young Vietnamese woman now living in the U.S. Trinh tells what her life was like as a young Christian in Vietnam when she was about the age of the Vietnamese girl in the photo. The testimony is adapted and paraphrased from interviews with Trinh and her mother. Her name and some identifying details have been changed to protect her identity.)

Growing Up In Vietnam
At school in Vietnam, kids questioned me about my faith. There were Buddhists, Hindus, and others. They would say, “There is no difference between Buddhism and Christianity.” I would say, “Yes, there is a difference.” I am still praying for them and believe one day they will be Christians.

I began driving a motorbike at age 13, without a license. It’s not necessary to have a license in Vietnam. It’s different in America. People drive cars and there are rules and regulations. There are no rules in Vietnam. On the motorbike, I helped my pastor and his wife in their ministry.

When I had free time, I stayed home with my family. My dad shared God’s Word with me during those times. He was training me to be a servant.

Still Dangerous for Christians
There is still danger for Christians in Vietnam. They carry their Bibles in a bag because they can’t open them and read them freely on the street. It’s getting better in Saigon; it’s worse in tribal areas and in the north.

Because of our Christian beliefs and activities, my mother was taken to the police station for questioning about 10 times. Sometimes they kept her for two days. My sister and I got to school on our own.

The police asked her, “Why do you continue to talk to people about Jesus?” She answered: “Because I want everyone in Vietnam to come to the Lord, even you. Do you want me to pray with you to come to Christ?” The police told her they could send her to prison. She said if they did, she would share the gospel with the prisoners.

One Sunday the leader of our house church was preaching when six police came. They told him to stop preaching. He said, “No, the service is not finished yet. Sit down and wait.” The police sat down!

After the service, they took the pastor to the police station, walking down the street with people watching. The 35 believers from the house church followed them down the street!

When the police took the pastor into the station for questioning, the believers all knelt in the doorway to pray! “You can’t pray here!” a policeman said. “This is not a church!”

“Our God is everywhere,” a believer explained, “not just in church.” After much talking, the police allowed the pastor to go home.

Trinh’s Vision
If I were in Vietnam now, I would go into the jungle and evangelize people. I would also take mission trips to the tribal people.

My heart is for reaching Vietnam with the gospel. It is a vision God has given me. I want to learn as many things as possible to prepare to serve God in Vietnam. I thank God for giving me big faith and a brave heart. I am prepared to go to prison.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Episode 2 of Clover and Willfred

Once upon a time there were these Cats named Clover and Willfred and they lived outside in a backyard of 20 kids , the kids were owned by Ms and Mr glob and they loved molasses cookies! so it was the day before family fun night and Ms glob made 35 molasses cookies! .Ms glob was cleaning while the kids were playing outside so she opened up the window the cookies were w molasses wrapped up on the counter and so Clover and Willfred scraped a hole in the screen and stole 30 molasses cookies the 5 left they carried in their mouth to their cat house and fell asleep comfy holiday came the dad got the movie ready mom poured the milk she unwrapped the foil and screamed who ate the cookies! they all said I didn't. she said well we will find out ,the smartest youngest boys went into the kitchen and they found cat hair so they ran outside and what did they find the biggest cats in the world ! so they told their mother and she made more molasses cookies
THE END for luke


Today is my brothers birthday ! Zachary is one today ! Tawna is more exited than he is . Well he doesn't know so that's different. also I got a dog named Misty.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Leah's Story from Kids of Courage

Leah is a Christian woman in China. “The most important calling we have from God is to preach the gospel in places where people have not heard it,” said Leah.

Leah knows how difficult it can be to follow that calling. She went to jail for three years because she taught others about Jesus. Now the police watch her every day. She and her family have moved three times in the last three years to avoid the police.

God began preparing Leah to face difficulties as a Christian in China when she was a girl. She told her story to a worker from The Voice of the Martyrs.

Leah’s Story
I was about 5 years old when my mother became a Christian. My father was not a believer.

I knew about Jesus for a long time. My mother told me about him. But I didn’t get saved until I was 12. One day I went with my mother to a small church. Only about nine Christians went to the church. They had no Bibles and no pastor.

That day at church when they prayed, I wanted to cry. I don’t know why. One person asked, “May I pray for you?” I said yes. I felt Jesus’ presence and I really loved him and wanted to follow him.

After that I always wanted to pray. But I didn’t know much about Jesus. I just knew I loved him very much.

Sharing at School
No one at school knew I was a Christian. If they found out, I would not be able to go to that school anymore. I was tempted to stop believing in Jesus.

But when I was about 15, there was a fire in my heart. I wanted to study the gospel and tell others about Jesus. Even some of my cousins began to believe in Jesus after I told them about him.

I had never seen a Bible. Missionaries brought God’s word to China many years ago. Then the government kicked out all the missionaries. The older people passed down what they had learned from the missionaries to us.

I wrote down what I heard from the old people on notes and passed the notes to my classmates. Before class, I walked with them and talked to them quietly about Jesus.

After my classmates started believing in Jesus, I found out one of my teachers was a Christian! He was my music and math teacher. Christians could talk freely about our faith in his class and he protected us.

Finding a Bible
We talked about what the older people told us. But we didn’t know if it was correct or not, because we didn’t have a Bible. When I was 16, I found someone with a Bible! I thought, “I can read it myself and I don’t have to learn from others!”

I began to copy the Bible by hand. I copied parts of it to hand out to others.

Leah Today
Leah continued to share her faith with others, even when she was persecuted for it. She now has a daughter who is about the same age Leah was when she decided to follow Christ. Her daughter worries about her mother’s safety.

Please ask God to continue watching over Leah, and to give her daughter peace and comfort.

To protect their identities, the names of some of the people on this site and some identifying details have been changed. Some of the quotes and stories have been edited and paraphrased from the original sources for clarity.

from kids of courge

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tolerence check

Tolerance Check
Read each pair of statements below. Which statement in each pair best shows true Christian tolerance?

a. We should believe that all religions teach the truth.
b. Christian tolerance means understanding that God wants us to share the gospel with all types of people.

a. It is fine to get angry with people because they have different beliefs.
b. It is right to treat those who believe differently with kindness and respect.

a. Keep the truth to yourself so others won’t be offended.
b. Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.

a. Agree with others who have different beliefs to make friends with them.
b. Love others with different beliefs enough to share the truth about Jesus with them.

In each pair of statements above, “b” best shows true Christian tolerance.